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As a faculty member at Copenhagen Business School Executive, Corporate Governance, I am happy to facilitate case based discussions with experienced executives and future board members on various board related topics.

On this page I will share some articles of interest, that may serve as a starting point for a discussion.

Vibeke Krag - Copenhagen Business School

Interesting articles and tools

“This article (in Danish) has some very valid points on the level of information a board should request/receive prior to making decisions. Interesting and usable.”

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Barclays - Exploring the Benefits Engagement Challenge
“This great chart, created by Barclays in connection with a paper on Exploring the Benefits Engagement Challenge, is widely applicable and casts a good light on the different preferences of the generations. We’ve often talked about cultural differences and how to adress in the work place, here is another dimension across generation. My input to handling: awareness, curiosity, openness and clear communication of own starting point – to avoid misunderstandings and learn from each other.”
“To make the most of everyone’s contribution is essential for bringing a business forward. Inge’s overview is simple and helpful.”

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