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My life philosophy is contributing value. To companies, professionals and people in general.

As a previous Insurance Executive and financial regulation adviser, I chose in 2015 to focus my career to become a board professional. 

I have solid board experience as board member/ chair of: significant financial services company, state owned regulatory body, energy company, energy trading company, non-life insurance companies in Denmark and Sweden, charitable foundations, industry education- and conference centre, Employers’ Association for the Danish Financial Sector, the Insurance Industry trade body and non-profit boards. Fit & Proper Approved. Government appointed.

Particular competencies:

  • Detailed understanding and design of governance frameworks within the financial services sector (banking and insurance);
  • Detailed financial understanding, investment strategies for substantial portfolios, capital, Solvency II, raising of capital via listing of securities in Europe, international funding – from a legal/general management perspective;
  • Broad Risk understanding (operational, financial, insurance);
  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption programme implementation, competition law compliance.
  • Financial Regulation (including design of remuneration policies).